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We are the main partner of the Union of Independent Israeli Congregations

In cooperation with Elim Hannover, Johannes Justus has supported church founding in Israel for many years  .

The starting point for his work was the church work in Petah Tikva (Tel Aviv region), which has been ongoing for several years. In 2019, another church foundation was added in Rishon le Zion (Tel Aviv region) and since 2020, a church foundation in Jerusalem. Further new congregations led to the formation of the Union of Independent Israeli Congregations

Today we have churches in these places:

Petah Tikva, Jerusalem, Rishon le Zion (2), Nataniya (2), Tel Aviv, Kiryat Yam, Nahariya, Ashdod, Ashkelon

Our man on the spot

Pastor Eliezer Muzychenko with his wife Anna is our contact person in Israel. Over many years, a relationship has developed between our chairman Johannes Justus and him. 

This good relationship led to the idea of supporting his church founding and planting more churches in Israel.

Thus, after several church foundings, Eliezer became more and more the main leader and founder of the UIIC.

Contact Eliezer at

Humanitarian aid in Israel

Our support focuses on Pastor Eliezer’s organization, which carries out significant humanitarian work through the collected donations.

In his free time, he, along with his fellow pastors, distributes vouchers worth 120 euros each with great dedication. This allows those in need in the war-torn areas of Israel to receive financial assistance and access to urgently needed resources.

Furthermore, Eliezer’s organization has launched a remarkable initiative: providing affordable, warm meals for those directly affected by the impacts of the war.

This kind of soup kitchen not only helps alleviate hunger but also creates a sense of community and hope in challenging times. Our support is dedicated to Pastor Eliezer’s organization, which is making a meaningful impact through the collected donations.

Interview with Pastor Eliezer Muzychenko

Pastor Eliezer Muzychenko, Bishop of the UIIC (Union of Independent Israeli Congregations), tells his story with Jesus in this interview. He also talks about the vision of the UIIC as a Pentecostal covenant in Israel.

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