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We are partners of Celebrate Hope Ministries in Uganda

Celebrate Hope Ministries  is the social arm of the FELLOWSHIP OF COMMUNITY CHURCHES under the leadership of Pastor Fredie Sekyewa. Their primary vision is the development of communities and services, including training pastors, church planting and evangelism, discipleship, housing construction, and resettlement of needy families.

Currently, they consist of 23 churches with 30 pastors, and an additional 3 churches are in the process of being established.

Their main goal is to equip the church with well-trained leadership using a holistic approach to address the needs of both the church and the community.

In their ten years of existence, they have trained 260 pastors, reaching 260 communities and villages.

Additional initiatives within this work include hosting conferences and activities related to community building, evangelism, and church planting. However, this is not the work of CHM.

Our man on site

Pastor Fredie Sekyewa hails from the Kyotera district in southern Uganda, near the border with Tanzania. The Lord saved him in 1986 at the age of 22. In July 1987, he received a calling to evangelize his region, which was severely affected by HIV/AIDS, not only in Uganda but throughout East Africa. This calling led him to establish the first Pentecostal church in his hometown in August 1987.

Subsequently, he pursued further education and returned to his village after university. There, he dedicated himself to evangelism, HIV/AIDS prevention, and continued church planting. He went on to establish two more churches.

In the early 2000s, they joined their current mother church, the Ggaba Community Church in Kampala. In June, their three churches were incorporated into the Fellowship of Community Churches, a national movement led by their mother church.

Celebrate Hope Ministries

The primary work of CHM involves three main areas:

1. Child and Family Development: This work focuses on educating children while also reaching out to families. It includes the establishment of Christian schools and providing education for needy children.

2. Engagement in activities for the economic transformation of families, such as coffee cultivation, processing, sales, and participation in financial education.

3. Involvement in disease prevention in communities, addressing hygiene, sanitation facilities, providing clean water for the community, and implementing a full-time emergency ambulance program.

Learn more about Celebrate Hope Ministries

There is a lot that we could report here about this valuable work. Further information can be found on their website , or you can directly contact our contact person, Mara Massar 

Pastorin Mara Massar

Mara was previously the head of the aid network for Uganda in Germany and is now also part of our organization.

Maria is the lead pastor of Christus Zentrum Celle in Lower Saxony and a board member of the Bund Freikirchlicher Pfingstgemeinden (BFP).

Mara is our project leader for this valuable project in Uganda. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact Maria.

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