von Daniel Justus

Supervision is more than consulting

Supervision serves to improve personal and professional competence. It is more than just good advice. Professional and personal challenges are examined and reflected upon in conversation using professional tools of psychology. Based on the analysis, the supervisor, as an outsider, can look for and point out possible solutions.

Supervision also serves to improve and expand one’s own perceptual competence. Not always, one can answer the questions who one actually is, who one wants to be and what one wants. Also, one’s own abilities and possibilities and the potential residing in one are overlooked.  Supervision supports the development of plans and goals and provides intervention competence for situational events. 

My offer

I enjoy providing supervision for individuals to enhance their personal development, however, my expertise is also in supervision for groups as well as churches and organizations.

My prices are to be inquired in advance.

Application examples

Individual and group counseling:

  • Personality development
  • Strengthening of self-confidence
  • Analysis of behaviors in groups
  • Self-assessment of behaviors in groups
  • Managing role conflicts
  • Solving professional situations
  • Professional reorientation
  • Solving life crises
  • Access to family realities, systemic family therapy
  • Conversation and communication
  • Dealing with conflicts, stress and influencing others
  • Management, leadership, dealing with different team cultures
  • Role concept, inner team
  • Psychodrama

Organizational diagnosis and consulting: 

  • Team and organizational diagnosis
  • Designing meetings, team meetings and discussions
  • Decision paths, responsibilities, self-organization
  • Designing decision-making processes more appropriately
  • Increase of job satisfaction
  • Implementing the vision and goals, involving the team in the vision
  • Exploring alternative courses of action
  • Examine resistance and sources
  • Analyze sources of misunderstanding
  • Analysis and adaptation (structure, strategy, processes, functions, etc.)
  • Change Management

Contact me

I, Pastor Johannes Justus am certified supervisor for practice and organizational consulting. I completed my supervisor training at the University of Hannover and have been working as a supervisor in churches and for churches since 2008.